Topsham, Maine

Celebrating 250 years on the Androscoggin 
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Committee Memberships

Board of Selectmen-

(contact Town Managers Office, 725-5821)

David Douglass- Chair

Roland Tufts- Vice Chair

Bill Thompson

Marie Brillant

Ruth Lyons


Board of Assessment Review-

(contact Assessor’s Office, 725-1722)

Mike Baribeau (Chair)

Robert Barry

Thomas Sawyer 

Gordon Donley (alternate)

1 Vacant (alternate)


Board of Appeals-

(contact Codes Office, 725-1724)

Fred Hahn

David Marcello

Gordon Donley

Andrew MacKellar

Jotham Trafton

Peter Richard (alternate)

1 vacant (alternate)


Finance Committee

(contact Town Manager’s Office, 725-5821)

Gail Eaton 

Jeff Deletesky

Kenneth Stockford

Harold Hutchinson

Ryan Pelletier

Christopher Dawson

Peter Richard

2 vacant


Historic District

(contact Planning Office, 725-1724)

Ed Mendes (alternate)

Gary Smart (Chair)

John Graham
Peter Davidson

Greg Simard

Kimberly Mondonedo(alternate)


History Committee

(contact Clerk’s Office, 725-1719)

John Chonko

Ralph Williams (Chair)

Ed Mendes
2  vacant


Planning Board

(contact Planning Office, 725-1724)

Ronald Bission

Scott Libby

Jay Prindall

Bruce Van Note

Donald Spann (Chair)

Tom Thompson
Joshua Spooner


Sewer District

(Contact Town Manager’s Office, 725-5821)

Christopher LeClerc

Paul Rossingnol

Mark Ponziani


Topsham Development, Inc

(contact Economic &Community Development Office, 373-5097)

Earle Harvey

Frederick Wigand

Steve Pelletier

Don Spann

Larry Fitch

Joshua Spooner

Mary Kate Reny

Chris Wasileski

Curtis Picard

Curtis Neufeld

Angela Twitchell

Donald Russell

Rich Roedner, Town Manager (non-voting)

Rod Melanson, Planner (non-voting)

John Shattuck, Director


Topsham Housing Authority

(contact General Assistance Office, 725-1725)

Thomas Schmoller

Linda Dumont (Commissioner)

Helen Kincaid (Commissioner)

Dennis Paine (Chairman)

David Breed

Jane Scease

1 vacant (At large)


Various Appointments

Tom Lister- CEO

Carol Eyerman- Alternate CEO, Admin/enforcement

Jeffery Hutchinson- Alternate Building/Electrical/Plumbing

Carl Adams-  Alternate Building/Electrical/Plumbing

Mike Labbe- Civil Emergency

Brian Stockdale- Fire Warden/Health Officer

Dennis Cox- Tree Warden

Dennis Cox- Road Commissioner

Justin Hennessey- Assessor


Tree Committee

(contact Planning Office, 725-1724)

John Cullen 

Jeanne Bamforth (Chair)

Kevin Doran

Ben Whatley


Water District Board of Trustees

 (contact Town Manager’s Office, 725-5821)

Stuart Kay III

Yvette Meunier


Conservation Commission
Contact Planning Dept, 725-1724)

Victor Langelo

Steve Pelletier

Jessica Costa

Chris Dwinal

1 vacant


Town Committee

Esther Lacognata

5-7 vacant

Lower Village Waterfront Park-
(Contact ECD office, John Shattuck, 373-5097)
Fred Wigand
James Howard
Jane Scease
Douglass Bennett
Angela Twitchell
Gary Smart

Caroline Russell


Carol Eyerman, Asst. Planner (non-voting)

Rod Melanson, Planner (non-voting)

Pam LeDuc, Recreation Director (non-voting)

John Shattuck, TDI Director (non-voting, staff contact)


Topsham Community Fund Committee

Victor Langelo

Scott Libby

Gary Smart

Fred Wigand

vacant (second appointee from Conservation Commission

Dennis Cox (non-voting)

Pam LeDuc (non-voting)

Carol Eyerman (non-voting)

John Shattuck (non-voting, staff contact)


Comprehensive Plan Committee (Ad-Hoc)

Matthew Nixon

Douglas Bennett

Larry Fitch

James Dealaman

Jennah Godo

Sean Liedman
















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