Topsham, Maine

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Conservation Commission

The Topsham Conservation Commission Meets the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 6:00pm at the Topsham Town Hall....100 Main Street, Topsham, ME 


In June of 2007 the Town of Topsham adopted an Ordinance that created the Topsham Conservation Commission.  The duties of the Commission are outlined in the Ordinance and include the following:

The Commission:

1.    May acquire, as approved by the Selectmen and/or the municipal legislative body as appropriate, on behalf of the municipality, fee simple interests and any lesser interests, including conservation restrictions, development rights or easements, in any real property situated within the borders of the municipality, of the types set forth in Section 107-4, including any improvements on that real property, provided that all purchases or acquisitions are consistent with the Town’s Natural Areas Plan;


 2.   May recommend to the Selectmen the acceptance of gifts in the municipality’s name for any of the Commission’s purposes and shall administer the gift for those purposes subject to the terms of the gift;


3.   May recommend to the Selectmen the disposition of all or any portion of the real property interests held by it, on behalf of the municipality, subject to the Constitution of Maine to the extent applicable;


4.  May obtain such professional services as are necessary in order to perform its duties;


5.  May maintain, manage and improve land and interests in land held by it, on behalf of the municipality, in a manner which allows public use and enjoyment consistent with the natural, historic and scenic resources of the land, including planting, pruning, and cutting of trees and shrubs to manage and enhance natural systems, constructing nature trails and associated bridges and board walks, setting up bird nest boxes, and posting of nature identification & trail signs;


6.   May, as delegated to it by the Selectmen, be responsible for the care and superintendence of conservation lands and other properties as designated by the Selectmen;


7.  May coordinate research into local land and water areas;


8.  May seek to coordinate the activities of conservation bodies organized for similar purposes;


9. May advertise, prepare, print and distribute books, maps, charts, plans and pamphlets which in its judgment it deems necessary, utilizing such funds as may be donated to the Town of Topsham acquired through grants or appropriated by the Selectmen and the municipal legislative body for such purposes;


10. May maintain an inventory of all open areas, publicly or privately owned, within the Town of Topsham, including marsh lands, swamps and other wetlands for the purpose of obtaining information pertinent to proper protection, development or use of such open areas;


11.  May recommend to the Municipal Officers or any Municipal Body or Board, or any body politic or public agency of the State of Maine, a program for better protection, development or use of such open areas;


12.   May submit to the Selectmen annually a budget for all expenses and projects.  All expenditures authorized by the Commission must be approved by the municipal legislative body through the budgetary process;


13. May advise the Planning Board in regards to sensitive natural areas in the Town of Topsham.


14.  May coordinate Natural Resource Objectives and Implementation Strategies as stated in the current adopted Comprehensive Plan.





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