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Vital Records:

Marriage Licenses:  To obtain a Marriage license at least one party must be a Topsham resident, or both parties must be from out of state. Both parties must appear at the Clerks office together in order for the Marriage License to be issued. If there have been any previous marriages, certified copies of the most recent disillusionment must be supplied.  The cost of a Marriage license is $40.  The Marriage License is valid for 90 days.  State of Maine Marriage Intention Application (Filling out the application ahead of time will save some time)             

*Marriage License Applications are only issued during the following times: Mon-Wed 8:30-3:30; Thursday 8:30-5:00; Friday 8:30-2:00


Marriage Certificates:  May be obtained by married parties.  The fee is $15 for one copy and $6 for each additional copy purchased at the same time.  Marriage certificates must be purchased after the ceremony, they are not provided automatically.  Marriage Certificate Application

Birth Certificates:  Are available at the Clerks office for immediate family members only and only if the mother was a Topsham resident at the time of birth or the Birth occured in Topsham.  The fee is $15 for one copy and $6 for each additional copy purchased at the same time.  Birth Certificate Application

Death Certificates:  May be obtained by immediate family.  The fee is $15 for one copy and $6 for each additional copy purchased at the same time.  Death Certificate Application

History/Research: For more information visit the Genealogy Section.

Please click here for questions & answers for vital records.

Identification Requirement - Anyone purchasing a certified copy of a record shall complete a vital records order form which shall declare their name and their connection with the person who is listed on the record.  Anyone purchasing a certified copy  shall also show proof of identification:  driver's license, passport, or other government issued picture identification.  If these are not available then the requestor needs to show photocopies of two items from the list found by clicking here.  Vital records can be ordered at the Town Office by filling out the following applications and present it to the clerk's office or you could go the following website to place the order through the State of Maine.

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