Codes and Permits

Permits (Town of Topsham) must be attained for the following prior to any work being started:

1.  Fire Alarm Systems:  Residential & Commercial

2.  Sprinkler Systems:  Residential & Commercial

3.  Solid Fuel Burning Appliances

4.  Liquid/Gas Fuel Burning Appliances

5.  Chimneys

Permit Fee Schedule

Permits can be obtained from the Town of Topsham Codes Department.  Click the following link for contact information and hours of operation for the codes department:  Codes Department

If you have any questions please contact the Topsham Fire & Rescue Department @ 207-725-7581


Residential Burning Permits - Information about the rules and regulations for burning within the Town of Topsham can be found here: 

Burn Permit Info


Town of Topsham Fire Related Codes & General Information:

  1. Fire Escapes
  2. Fireblocking & Draft Stopping
  3. Unfaced Fiberglass as Fireblocking
  4. Single Family Home Requirements
  5. Two Family Unit Home Construction
  6. Residential Emergency Escape Openings
  7. Required State Fire Marshal Approval's
  8. State Fire Marshal's Office Egress Window Policy


Maine State rules, regulations, and Guidelines in reference to:  Click on the highlighted link for more information.

  1. Woodburning Stove Installation - Woodburning Equipment Guide
  2. Chimney Flue Regulation (Info about connecting a solid fueled appliance to the same flue as a liquid fueled appliance) - Chimney Flue Regulation
  3. Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detector Regulations - Smoke and CO Detector Regulations


If you have specific questions please contact the Topsham Fire & Rescue Department at 207-725-7581