Androscoggin boat launch
Androscoggin Map

Androscoggin River

While the Androscoggin has a reputation as being the most industrial and degraded of Topsham’s rivers, its route through Topsham is scenic and pleasant once you’re actually out on the water.

For the two-mile run between the Knight-Celotex mill and the Pejepscot dam, the Androscoggin is wide and calm. Paddlers can choose their own way down the river, and there are a few coves and other features to explore. There are no hazards or whitewater on this trip, so it is an ideal excursion for families or anyone else looking for a low-key, simple outing.


The put-in for this section of the Androscoggin is a public boat launch just south of the Knight-Celotex mill on Route 196 in Lisbon Falls (see map). Daytime parking is encouraged; rules about overnight parking are not clear, and the town of Topsham does not recommend leaving vehicles at the launch overnight.

The take-out for this section is located at the Pejepscot Fishing Park off of the River Road, which is on the opposite side of the Androscoggin (see map). Vehicles can be driven all the way down to the river, past the farm, but the road is rough and caution should be exercised.

As far as the paddle itself, the paddle is a simple jaunt south from the boat launch to the fishing park. The take-out is a bit tricky; stay to the right side of the river as you get toward the Pejepscot dam, and paddle through the slot in the barrier on the far right. From there, you can haul your boat up over the rocks and grass to your car--there's no specific take-out spot.