Community Paramedicine

About the Program

Beginning July 1st, 2023, Topsham Fire & Rescue received a grant from Maine EMS to fund a free Community Paramedicine Program, which will provide Topsham citizens with more accessible healthcare. This is an up-and-coming program in the State of Maine, as well as in the country, and its purpose is to provide services to mitigate the over-utilization of “911” services and ER visits. It is not meant to replace the patient’s need or right to Emergency Services.

The program will help patients who find it difficult to get to a doctor by visiting the patients in-home (after receiving a referral by their healthcare provider). It provides regular home visits for needs such as wellness checks, post-operation and emergency room visit follow-ups, and identification of any hazards in the resident’s home. The program is free for qualifying residents.

After a year, it will be determined if the program will continue to be funded, depending on its success.



All Topsham residents are eligible for this program, as long as they have a

  • referral from a primary healthcare provider or a
  • referral from a physician at a hospital/ER or specialty care center


Services Offered

Services offered include:

  • Vital Sign Screening
  • Review of Medical Conditions
  • Post-op follow-ups
  • Emergency room visit follow-ups
  • Lab draws
  • Home safety assessments
  • Glucose monitoring and Log training
  • Medication reconciliation
  • Advise patients of available area services
  • Assistance with mental health services


How to Sign Up for Services

If you would like to receive these services, please contact your primary healthcare provider, who will generate a referral and submit it to the Department. The form can be accessed here or in the Documents section below.

The healthcare provider will instruct the Community Paramedic (CP) on what care the patient should receive. The CP will then contact the patient to schedule a convenient time for the visit. The originating healthcare provider can be based in another town as long as the patient is a Topsham resident.


About the Paramedic

Elizabeth Reeves has been working at Topsham Fire & Rescue as a Paramedic/Firefighter since 2015 and has taken the opportunity to begin our Community Paramedicine Program. 

She has been in the 911 service for 25 years and has a variety of experience and education in patient care including ambulance response, clinic, emergency room, and medical missions. She is a Nationally Registered Paramedic and is committed to the care of the Topsham Community.