Governance Review Committee

The Topsham Governance Review Committee is established every ten years based on our Administrative Code, which states: "It shall be the duty of the Town to revise and bring up to date this chapter at least once in every ten (10) years, and a committee of seven (7) citizens, three (3) of whom may be Selectmen, shall be chosen for this purpose."

To this end, the Board of Selectmen has appointed a committee of seven individuals to review our Town governance and to make any needed recommendations for updating our Code to improve the functioning of our Town's government. The Governance Review Committee has adopted the following Mission Statement:  "Assess the administration of Topsham’s government (Chapter 6 of Town Code) through collaborative review and make recommendations, as needed to update how Topsham’s Government operates."

The next committee is expected to be established in 2029 in accordance with Town Code (Chapter 6, Article IX General Provisions).


2019 Committee Members

Matthew Abbott, Chair

Susan Rae-Reeves, Vice Chair

Pamela Hile

James Mrazek

Peter Grubbs

Ed Caron

Ruth Lyons, Board of Selectmen