Topsham Comprehensive Planning

The purpose of this site is to encourage public participation in the planning process by providing: direct access to all relevant documents;  notice of upcoming meetings; committee progress reports; and point of contact for questions, comments and suggestions.

In general terms, a comprehensive plan provides guidance, prioritizes, organizes, and directs growth for future progress and development, which best serves the interests identified by citizens and stakeholders.


Changes and updates will be posted continuously, so please visit often.

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The Adopted 2019 Comprehensive Plan may be found at: HERE

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Comprehensive Plan Implementation Committee

The Comprehensive Plan Implementation Committee (CPIC) is a committee made up of town residents. The committee members currently are:

Susan Rae Reeves, Chair

Rick Schultz, Vice Chair

Angela Twitchell

Robin Brooks

Pete Bono

Joe Feely

Andy Sturgeon

Margaret Williams

Pam Belford


Comprehensive Plan Implementation Committee

The Comprehensive Plan Implementation Committee, a committee charged with assisting the Town in updating, reviewing, tracking and assisting with the implementation of the recommendations of the 2019 Comprehensive Plan. The Committee shall work with Staff, and coordinate with other Town Departments, Boards, and Committees on priority tasks as directed by the plan.


The Comprehensive Plan Implementation Committee shall be composed of up to nine (9) members each serving for a three year term. Membership may consist of at large community members, but preference shall be for standing committee and board representation. There shall also be two (2) alternate member positions available.


  1. The committee shall hold regular meetings not more than once a month in accordance with an established schedule and post minutes of meetings as required.
  2. Staff shall post notice of meetings/workshops or hearings as required by law and maintain a page on the Town’s website to serve as a communication tool for the public.
  3. Staff shall forward notice of meetings/workshops and/or hearings to Town Departments, Boards and Committees.
  4. Staff shall maintain a permanent project file that, at a minimum, includes:
    1. Meeting agenda and public notices;
    2. Meeting minutes;
    3. Reports to the Select Board as needed;
    4. Project correspondence; and
    5. Other materials as deemed necessary.
  5. Meetings are open to the public. The Committee may hold workshop meetings with members of the public and/or businesses to allow public input and discussion, and as an educational forum on issues relevant to the Comprehensive Plan implementation.
  6. The committee shall regularly review the Comprehensive Plan, recommend setting or resetting priorities to the Planning Board or select Board, identify the most efficient strategies for implementation, and document responsible parties to complete goals for consideration by the Planning Board or Select Board.
Implementation Process

As a town committee that oversees implementation of the adopted comprehensive plan, the committee will track and convene the identified responsible parties for particular implementation strategies to ensure that the plan goals are being addressed. The Committee may choose to bring certain items forth to the select board for discussion/ action and/ or to town meeting for action.