Committee Memberships

Select Board -

(Contact Town Managers Office, 725-5821)

Roland Tufts -  Chair

Matthew Nixon- Vice-Chair

Ann Callahan

Marie Brillant

Ryan Holmes


Board of Assessment Review-

(Contact Assessor’s Office, 725-1722)

Jeffrey Cannon

Thomas Sawyer 

Gordon Donley (alternate)

Michael Nelson (Alternate)




Board of Appeals-

(Contact Codes Office, 725-1724)

David Marcello

Gordon Donley

Michael Nelson

Rebecca Jauch

Jotham Trafton


Finance Committee

(Contact Town Manager’s Office, 725-5821)

Gail Eaton - Chair

William Thompson

Kimberley Mondonedo

Mike Labbe- Vice Chair

Donald Stein

Jeffrey Cannon

Sonya Sampson- Secretary

Robert Dodge

Ruth Lyons


Historic District Commission

(Contact Planning Office, 725-1724)

Peter Davidson

John Grahma

Andrew Munsey

Wayne Davis



History Committee

(Contact Clerk’s Office, 725-1719)

Ralph Williams (Chair)

Ed Mendes

Nancy Randolph




Planning Board

(Contact Planning Office, 725-1724)

Ronald Bisson

Scott Libby

Kerri Bickford

Lawrence Brann

Andrew Munsey

Donald Spann (Chair)

Timothy Dunham


Sewer District

(Contact Town Manager’s Office, 725-5821)

Christopher LeClerc

Dwight Balser- finishing term

Mark Ponziani


Topsham Development, Inc

(Contact Managers Office)

Chris Wasileski

Andrew Sturgeon

Steve Pelletier

Curtis Picard

Brian Robinson

Nathan Cloutier

John Hodge

Curt Neufeld

Peter Piccirillo



Derek Scrapchansky, Town Manager (non-voting)

Planning Director(non-voting)

Economic & Community Director 


Topsham Housing Authority

(Contact General Assistance Office, 725-1725)

Thomas Schmoller

Linda Dumont (Commissioner)

Monica Kincaid (Commissioner)

David Breed

Binh Dang

Tammy Schmoller

1 vacant (Tenant Rep)


Various Appointments

Tom Lister- CEO

Christopher McLaughlin- Civil Emergency

Chris McLaughlin- Fire Warden/Health Officer

Dennis Cox- Tree Warden

Dennis Cox- Road Commissioner

Justin Hennessey- Assessor

Ralph Williams- Town Historian

Bryan Bachelder- Weights & Measures



Water District Board of Trustees

 (contact Town Manager’s Office, 725-5821)

Stuart Kay III

Yvette Meunier

Staff Contact: Manager's Office


Comprehensive Plan Implementation Committee
(Contact Planning Dept., 725-1724)
Robin Brooks

Joe Feely

Susan Rae-Reeves

Rick Schultz

Pete Bono

Angela Twitchell

Margaret Williams

Andrew Sturgeon

Larry Brann- Planning Board Rep


Registration Appeals Board 

(Contact Clerks Office)

Peter Lepari

Gail Eaton 

Bill Eaton- Alternate

Stephen Littlefield

Diane Vernseoni - Alternate


Community Center Committee

(Contact Parks & Rec- 725-1726)

Steven Kessler

Leslie Byrne

Allison Cary-Blais

Lynn Sirois



Mark Waltz, Assistant Town Manager


Topsham Energy Committee

(Contact Planning Dept)

Victoria Boundy

John Berry

Nancy Chandler

John Whatley

Yvette Meunier

Victor Langelo

Jared Entwistle


Conservation Commission

(Contact Planning Dept.)

Victor Langelo, Chair

Shana Deeds, Secretary

Audie Arbo




Bicycle & Pedestrian Committee

(contact Police Department - non-emergency)

Dana Cary

Simon Burditt

Sarah Nelson

Javier Cikota

Brian Baton

Erin Arneson