Mission, Vision & Values


The Topsham Fire & Rescue Department exists to preserve life and property through superior, and pro-active professional services delivered with integrity, courtesy and compassion.

To achieve this mission, we will do the following:

  1. Promote, through engagement, educational programs designed to increase community member awareness in regards to issues relating to life safety & health.
  2. Provide the highest level of training to department members in the areas of public education, fire prevention, emergency medical services, fire suppression and rescue.
  3. Maintain or decrease response times for emergency medical services and fire/rescue protection.
  4. Provide department members with the necessary equipment and supplies to safely and efficiently perform their duties.

Vision Statement

To be recognized within our community and beyond for setting and achieving the highest level of standards and performance as an all hazards response agency. 

Organizational Values 


Maintain the highest ethical standards.  Act with sincerity, honesty, and openness.  We are loyal to the Town of Topsham, and act in the best interest of its citizens and visitors


Provide superior service to the citizens, and visitors of Topsham.  Be responsive and innovative to achieve results.  Take pride in our work.  Demonstrate loyalty to our organization.  Demonstrate competency and professionalism. 


Deliver services in a respectful, caring, and compassionate manner.  Actively listen and seek understanding.  Embrace ethnic and cultural diversity in the community and in our workplace.  Treat each other with dignity and respect. 


We know and respect or roles and responsibilities.  We work together to solve problems and achieve organizational goals.  We share authority, responsibility, and credit for our actions. 

Fiscal Responsibility

Manage resources effectively.  Control expenditures within budget constraints.  Focus on results. 


We are accountable to our community, each other, and the department.


Safety must be primary in everything we do.


We investigate and implement progressive and innovative change carefully and effectively.