Proposed 2022 Ordinance Amendments

The Planning Board has prepared Five amendments.  This page provides the proposed ordinance language and supporting materials for each of the warrant articles.

The Board of Selectmen will hear  ordinance amendments related to Building Construction, Electrical Standards, and Fire Prevention Codes.  The exhibit for these proposed amendments is listed last on this page.


ARTICLE xx: Multifamily Housing

Revisions are proposed to focus solely on allowing higher density multifamily development within the MUC district (Topsham Fair mall). Town meeting in 2019 addressed the issue of allowing housing within the district but neglected to address density requirements.  The Planning Board identified the immediate need to address this prior to this being addressed via the ReCode effort.


Mulifamily Housing


ARTICLE xx: Solar Energy Conversion Systems


Revisions are proposed to the zoning ordinance to allow zero lot line setbacks on internal porty lines where multiple parcels are under one ownership control.  This will allow solar arrays to be sited more efficiently and be contiguous to the development impact. Perimeter boundary setbacks still apply.

Solar Ordinance


ARTICLE xx: Signs

Revisions are proposed to the Zoning Ordinance to remove the 10 year sunset clause that would remove all nonconforming signs.  Existing nonconforming signs may remain until there is a sign change by the owner and/ or a business change to the property.

Sign Ordinance


ARTICLE xx: Historic District

Revisions are proposed to the Zoning Ordinance to remove the requirement to hold a public hearing.  Public hearings are an expense to publish in the paper…which the application fee does not cover.  Meetings will still be required to be notified (including mailing notification to adjacent property owners, and standard public meeting notifications), but will not have to meet the legal requirements associated with public hearings.

Historic District Ordinance


ARTICLE xx: Addressing Officer

Revisions are proposed to the Zoning Ordinance and Street design code to change the term ‘tax assessor’ to ‘addressing officer’ throughout the code.



ARTICLE xx: Building/ Electrical/ Fire Prevention Code

Chapters 91/115/124 respectively are being updated as a housekeeping exercise to reflect current state standards.