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About Us

The Topsham Public Works Department is responsible for maintaining the current infrastructure of the Town and building new infrastructure when needed. Duties include removing items such as tree branches off the road, maintaining public green spaces, plowing snow in the winter, and maintaining and repairing sidewalks, among others.

The Public Works Department allows for the town of Topsham to run smoothly, ensuring that the town remains aesthetically and practically cohesive.





Job Opening: Driver / Laborer  Fulltime with benefits.  Please fill out an applications and return to the Town Office or the Public Works Department.  Application available on the Town's website.



Spring 2024

 The department has begun the process of sweeping the Town streets and cleaning up the sand and dirt from the winter. Our main roads will be done first and many of the hills as well as the school zone areas. In general the following sweeping schedule will be followed:

     Wilson Street Area

     Elm Street Area

     Arbor Avenue & Bay Park Drive neighborhood

     Ivanhoe, Blueberry & Rocky neighborhoods

     Height - Bridge Street Area

Please remember as in past years, you can sweep the winter sand off the sidewalks and the lawn along the in front of your house, out along the edge of the road. We ask that you leave this dirt in a "wind row" rather than piles so our sweeper can pick it up.  Please just the sandy material and Don't include leaves and sticks because our sweeper cannot pick them up.  You can take this material to the transfer station.


Street Lights

The street lights in our town are now owned by the Town.  They have been changed to energy efficient LED fixtures.  If you have a light out in your neighborhood, please contact Public Works at 725-1728 and leave the pole number and closest street address to the light.


Thank you for your cooperation.

Dennis Cox, Director

phone: 207-725-1728