Topsham Development, Inc. (TDI)

Topsham Development, Inc. (TDI) is a public-private nonprofit organization comprised of local business leaders, residents, and municipal officials, serving as the Topsham's economic and community development corporation.


The TDI Board meets at 8am on the third Wednesdays of the following months:  January, March, May, June, September and November.


The following nine volunteers are the voting directors of TDI.  Each voting director is appointed by the Selectmen to serve or complete a term of three years, with each term expiring on June 30th of the year shown.  At TDI's annual meeting, the directors elect their officers to serve one year terms.

Curtis Neufeld (2024), President

Andrew Sturgeon (2025), Vice President

Brian Robinson (2026), Treasurer

Chris Wasileski (2024), Secretary

John Hodge (2026)

Steve Pelletier  (2025)

Curtis Picard  (2024)

Nathan Cloutier (2026)

Peter Piccirillo  (2025)


The following Town staff are ex officio, non-voting directors of TDI:

Derek Scrapchansky, Town Manager

Vacant, Economic & Community Development Director