Topsham Fair Mall Stream

The Town of Topsham, in partnership with FB Environmental and VIEWSHED, is exploring ways to make the Topsham Fair Mall more sustainable and resilient to climate change through the use of green infrastructure. (This information is available as a StoryMap; a printable brochure is also available.)

Nonpoint source pollution comes from diffuse sources throughout the watershed, such as phosphorus, nitrogen, bacteria, or chloride (salt). Nonpoint source pollutants are often transported by stormwater runoff flowing over impervious surfaces, such as extensive parking lots. More than 30% of the Topsham Fair Mall stream watershed contains impervious surfaces! 

High levels of chloride can be toxic to wildlife and plants that lives in streams and waterbodies, especially if chloride levels are chronically above established guidelines. This occurs when high-chloride runoff percolates into groundwater that feeds streams, supplying a constant source of chloride to the stream. Chloride cannot be easily filtered out of stormwater. The Topsham Fair Mall stream is considered impaired for aquatic life use due to high chloride levels.


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