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The purpose of this page is to bring together data and information about transportation systems throughout the Town of Topsham and to help inform and involve the Town on the planning process as the Town seeks to improve transportation facilities.

According to the 2019 Comprehensive Plan, creating safer roadways and streets in the town is one of the most important issues the town needs to address in order to improve the overall quality of life in Topsham. This page exists in order to help inform the public of the steps the town is taking in order to address issues involved with transportation in the town. As the town grows and develops it hopes to develop a cohesive, safe, and efficient transportation network that will increase the quality of life here in Topsham. 


Transportation Planning

The process of planning is very important to the development of better, and safer, transportation systems in town. In order to achieve the transportation system envisioned by the 2019 Comprehensive Plan, the town hopes to adopt policy in order to encourage the safe development and expansion of the current transportation system in Topsham.

Complete Streets

One way that Topsham hopes to address transportation issues in town is through the adoption and implementation of a Complete Streets Policy. Complete Streets is a policy that towns throughout Maine and the United States have adopted to encourage and mandate the safe and efficient development of transportation networks. This policy, when adopted, would identify and consider all possible users of the public right-of-way prior to the commencement of any construction project, or road development project, in order to provide safe and efficient access for all. From a different angle, these policies are shifting the conventional purpose of streets as a means of minimizing travel time for cars, to maximizing safety, comfort, and convenience for all road users.
To learn more about Complete Streets and the benefits that they provide communities, click here.

Link To Bike/Ped Story Map

Link to MDOT's Complete Streets information page.

Link to Complete Streets Presentation on why the Town of Topsham needs Complete Streets.


The Town hopes to partner with the following organizations, and departments in order to help educate the town on Complete Streets and plans for transportation improvements in town:

Topsham Police Department

Topsham Public Works

Topsham Department Economic and Community Development

Topsham Parks and Recreation

Western Maine Transportation

Bicycle Coalition of Maine

Meerymeeting Bicycle Club





Current Projects

This section contains information on current transportation projects in the town.

Main Street

      Main Street Pavement Markings Improvement Plan

      Lower Village Development Committee Presentation

Brunswick/ Topsham Route 201 Bridge

      DAC: Brunswick/Topsham Bridge

      MDOT Bridge Design


Transportation Plans

Comprehensive Plans:

2007 Comprehensive Plan

2019 Comprehensive Plan

Transportation Studies:

2005 Transportation Study - Gorrill Palmer

I295/Route 196 Interchange

Main Street Village Plan

BNAS/Topsham Annex Transportation Study

Transportation Feasibility Study - Redevelopment of Naval Air Station Brunswick

Route 24 Corridor Management Plan

Elm & Green Streets Neighborhood Revitalization Plan

196 Corridor Plan

2017 Topsham Fair Mall Master Plan 

2019 Topsham Pedestrian Safety Mitigation Plan

Pedestrian Trail Plans and Studies:

Androscogin Riverwalk

Merrymeeting Trail - Connecting the Maine Communities of Topsham, Bowdoinham, Richmond, and Gardiner

2011 Merrymeeting Trail Feasibility Study

2012 Merrymeeting Trail Segment Sheets Feasibility Study

Town Landing Trail Feasibility Study

Topsham Bike Path Plans-Map 1 Map 2  Map 3

Bicycle Planning Document